Want to be a speaker?

Many speakers find it very difficult to create our own marketing materials, press releases, or to “toot our own horn” effectively when looking for clients or speaking opportunities.   We often struggle with balancing the desire to tell the whole story, share every one of our credentials, and demonstrate why we can speak anywhere, anytime, with the opposite desires of trying not to brag or appear to be too confident.  This can be a very stressful dynamic when trying to put together our speaking kits!

After years of working with and writing for speakers, I have learned that an effective marketing message should be a short description of your business or offerings that will accomplish 4 key things:

    • Make you more comfortable talking about yourself.  By creating a clear, defining statement about your speaking, you will easily see where you fit in a conference or other speaking opportunity. A good fit equals an easier sell.
    • Attract your perfect clients.  Face it- there are certain venues, cities, and organizations who are really your ideal market.  Event planners you like to work with, associations who pay well and promptly, and people that are delightful to be with.  Spend your time determining what credentials, statements, or topics this group is interested in- and don’t worry about pleasing everyone.
    • Repel your not-so-perfect clients.  While many people try to appeal to everyone and think that speaking somewhere is better than nowhere- I will adamantly disagree.  There are certain elements of our presentation, our background, or simply our personality that fit better in certain areas.  Repelling some clients is simply getting you closer to your ideal niche where you can thrive.
    • Create a hook that allows for easy referrals.  What is unique or distinct in your presentation, experience, or background?  Build on this and it can become your key to continued referrals.


I have owned a marketing business for many years, and have spoken on topics ranging from branding to sales strategy to acquiring funding for women-owned businesses.  But after identifying what I really wanted to be known for in the speaking world, and what was really unique about me, I was able to create a 70-word example of marketing language that has booked numerous paid presentations and sold thousands of books to my niche audience:

Beyond motivation, beyond inspiration. Amy Stevens goes where no self help book can. She speaks from the heart of experience. Amy Stevens connects with her audience and shares her experiences, while creating a great sense of pride in the military family. With a firm belief that she is serving her country as a military wife…Amy Stevens shares methods for improving relationships and dealing with the emotions that surround a deployment.


Give it a try!  Build your brand and make a difference at the same time.




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