Marketing Therapy

There are many professionals out there to choose from when looking for marketing advice and strategy.  But how many Marketing Therapists?   Amy Stevens holds a M.A. in Human Services, with a Marriage and Family specialization.  Combining this with over 12 years of work with Entrepreneurs, Amy sees that running a business is often all-encompassing and stressful, and that the financial piece is often what causes the most concern, stress, and even family struggles.  When working with clients on marketing and advertising, Amy also finds that her clients look for Life Coaching or Executive Coaching avenues as well in order to thrive.

Has marketing your business got you feeling a “little emotional”?  Let Amy help you make sense out of this piece of your business.

Contact Amy for one-on-one coaching sessions, to address topics such as:

  • How to Run a Business and Have a Life
  • Build a business that YOU really want
  • Manage Difficult Transitions
  • Develop and Nurture Relationships
  • Deal with Conflict


Also visit Amy’s blog, where Amy will share insights about business, branding, publishing, and yes- even a little therapy here and there to address the owner, manager, and worker who is overworked, or looking for more!